IFTTT for devops

Enterprise grade scalability for IoT and media platforms

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Manage teams, flows and services in one place. Yep. You’re now an ops badass.
Deploy containers like a boss
Straight from your laptop to 1,000's of containers in production.
Integrate and automate.
Put your existing CI / CD tools on steroids to handle any flow you can dream up.
Optimized for Docker
Easily build custom tasks into containers. Airstack also makes it dead simple to manage dev and test environments built on Docker.
API key mgmt, FTW
Kick back and let Airstack automagically manage API keys for each developer and env. We even automate 3rd party GUIs when needed.
Secure by default
Airstack adds 2-factor authentication to all your 3rd party service provisioning. No more all-or-nothing permissions for devs and contractors!
Open Source
Your cloud
Unlimited integrations
Unlimited users
No high availability
Available soon
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Our cloud
unlimited flows
unlimited integrations
one user
Private beta
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Any cloud
unlimited flows
unlimited integrations
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Private beta

Docs are available in private beta.

The team behind Airstack is deeply committed to open source and portability. Many of our tools will be released once they're reasonably stable and documented.

Our job is to make developers more productive. Our hosted services save you time and money... they don't lock you in.


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